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Re: When would you NOT use OpenBSD?

Hello Chris,

On Wed, 05.04.2006 at 04:55:39 +0200, Chris Alatakis <alatakis_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> holding more than 30 domain names some with lot of traffic  almost 

what is "a lot of traffic"?

> unpatched and unupdated (3.2 stable). I bet if I left it there unpatched 
> for the next 5 years I will not wake up one morning and find it down if 
> will be no hardware problem.

I wouldn't bet on that. Afair there were ssh problems on the way, and
even something in the network stack that better should be patched.

I also occasionally have OpenBSD boxen locked up in a way that they
prevent SSH logins and require a reboot. But that's occasionally, eg.
1x in some five years accumulated computer uptime (over several
systems), maybe less, although I'd still love to see it fixed.