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What do you mean `hand-holding on IRC'!!!

We do it all the time!

00:52   BSDWhelp| I know changelogs are the easy way to see what changes, but how/when/wherecanwesee how the project gets directed for the next release topic?
00:52        Han| plus.html
00:52   BSDWhelp| sure, that's the changelog
00:52   BSDWhelp| but what makes one change "the big one"?
00:53        Han| errrr.... dunno... :-\
00:54     cmihai| Check Theo interview on undeadly BSDWhelp
00:54     cmihai| You don't :)
00:54           | scarynetworkguy loved Joan.
00:54  scarynetw| Yay! Theo!
00:54     cmihai| Pfff, you want us to hold your hand now? :D
00:54   BSDWhelp| he's just pumping up the funding again
00:54     cmihai| Apparently he thinks very little of us "hand-holders" on IRC :).
00:54   BSDWhelp| lol
00:54        Han| All spend on liquor!
00:54     cmihai| BSDWhelp, well, he needs his beer! Humppa!
00:54           | scarynetworkguy holds cmihai's hand and skips down the street. 
00:55   BSDWhelp| yeah, I saw the livejournal too
00:55           | Han joins the handholding :-)
00:55   BSDWhelp| the question about what kind of bird that was on his shoulder was an amusing inside joke
00:55        Han| Come on everyone. Lets do as Theo suggests and hold hands!
00:55     cmihai| Weeee
00:55     cmihai| This is so 1970, but without the LSD.
00:56  scarynetw| The person with whom I wish to hold hands isn't here. ...
00:56   BSDWhelp| I'm here, scarynetworkguy
00:56      jsunn| yes he is!
00:56      jsunn| :D
00:56     daowee| just open your heart and let the love flow my friend
00:56           | Han _will_ post this on misc@
00:57  scarynetw| Bah....
00:57           | scarynetworkguy pouts. 
00:57           | jsunn opens a can of hippie-stallman love all over the channel
00:57   BSDWhelp| the 1970s release was 3.7
00:57  scarynetw| Hehe.
00:58  scarynetw| On Friday night we went to eat at a new age/vegan sort of place.
00:58        Han| come on scarynetworkguy, bring that person over here! :-)
00:58  scarynetw| Walked in. Looked at my mate. "My god, it's full of hippies."
00:58      jsunn| ZOMG!! BEARDS!!
00:58     cmihai| Don't tell me you're a vegan?
00:58  scarynetw| Han: That person is making beer this afternoon.
00:59     cmihai| We used to make home brewed beer all the time.
00:59        Han| And then you grabbed your guitar and joined the throng, while puffing on a joint ? :-)
00:59   BSDWhelp| puffing! woo openbsd pun
00:59  scarynetw| cmihai: No no no. But they do make a killer pad thai.
00:59        Han| Didn't even notice it.
01:00     daowee| it just comes naturally to you when you're in a state of elevation man, elevation maaan!
01:00        Han| Well I felt sorry for the elephant!
01:01     daowee| hey i'm a lover of all things, i can dig that man
01:01        Han| hmmm somehow I got the feeling noone in here knows `The young ones.'
01:02     daowee| the song or the tv show?
01:02        Han| Actually, cliff did a song with the young ones =)
01:03     daowee| how noble (pun)
01:03        Han| Something about a living doll. Go figure.
01:04     cmihai| Michael Jackson?
01:05     cmihai| G. W. Bush??
01:05     cmihai| Oh, wait. That's a puppet.
01:06           | jsunn runs to the store to buy some expensive, non-homebrew beer. maybe some heine's...
01:07           | scarynetworkguy cries. 
01:07     daowee| scarynetworkguy: duude, yer getting a bud
01:07  scarynetw| Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:08   BSDWhelp| that'd be so funny if Wal-Mart offered upa  load of PCs for obsd devs

You can find more of this nonsense on irc.freenode.net on the #OpenBSD channel =)

# Han