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Soekris4801 drops to ddb on cu disconnect

I just got my first Soekris 4801 up and running today.  I've been
connected to the serial console on the 4801 using "cu" from another of my
OpenBSD boxen.  Several times when I've exited from "cu" and then
reconnected the Soekris box has been at "ddb>"  If I type in "cont" the
Soekris system continues on it's merry little way.

See below for more info.

OpenBSD/i386 (thihy.nnn.com) (tty00)

login: ~
$ sudo cu -l /dev/cua00 -s 19200

ddb> trace
Debugger(d1439dfc,ed35,f9000003,2,3f8) at Debugger+0x4
comsoft(d03e0058,d1430010,10,d1430010,d1438000) at comsoft+0x10f
Bad frame pointer: 0xd1439e04
ddb> cont

OpenBSD/i386 (thihy.nnn.com) (tty00)


I've been using "cu" to connect to serial consoles for years and I've
never seen this happen before.  Anyone ever else see this occur with a
Soekris box?



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