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scsibus at? target at?

installing a raidframe. raid(4) says I have to hardcode the devices and not use sd4a, etc. When I boot, the screen scrolls by so fast I can't see what scsibus the /dev's are attached to. My primary is obviously scsibus0, currently with 4 targets, 0 through 3, found at sd0-3; however, I have a Qlogic 2100 FC-AL HBA to which my SAN array is attached with 12 fiberchannel drives. These drives are sd4-15.

Is there a command or a utility I can use to see what scsibus and target the drives are attached to? or is it a default that the primary be scsibus0 and the Qlogic HBA be
scsibus1? If I add another scsi controller to the pci bus, does that change anything?
or is everything automatically attached to scsibus0, and in this case the targets are
going to have the same numbering as the devices? (e.g. sd4 is scsibus0 at target 4)


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