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Re: crash with 3.8 GENERIC.MP#353 on Dell PE 1850

> > Also, run a netstat -m and look at peak usage. If that number is
> > reaching max, increase kern.maxclusters with sysctl.
> $  netstat -m
> 1543 mbufs in use:
>         1539 mbufs allocated to data
>         1 mbuf allocated to packet headers
>         3 mbufs allocated to socket names and addresses
> 1538/6152/6144 mbuf clusters in use (current/peak/max)
> 12732 Kbytes allocated to network (27% in use)
> 0 requests for memory denied
> 0 requests for memory delayed
> 4896 calls to protocol drain routines

I thought so. The patch, I believe, is in 3.8-STABLE which allocates
mbufs on the fly as they are needed. Try a -current snapshot and see
if that helps. Keep the kern.maxclusters at the default. When you hit
the limit, it will print a warnings on the console, but will not

I guess you can safely double the default value and you should be
fine. Don't set it to a ridiculously high number. If the double is not
enough for you, then the real problem with network data buffering is
somewhere else.