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iic verbosity

Most of our work in the iic(4) sensor framework is enabled now in
-current and in the latest snapshots.

Please note that it is quite verbose in dmesg for the moment; if you
run into problem send me a private mail containing a 2-line machine
description, the full dmesg, and output of sysctl hw.sensors if
possible.  I will deal with my parts or pass it on to the relevant

If we get all the bugs worked out before next release, we can ship with
this stuff enabled.

Today I was happy to get the following on my alpha:

hw.sensors.0=lmenv0, +2.5Vin, volts_dc, 2.49 V
hw.sensors.1=lmenv0, Vccp1, volts_dc, 1.60 V
hw.sensors.2=lmenv0, +Vcc, volts_dc, 3.28 V
hw.sensors.3=lmenv0, +5Vin/Vcc, volts_dc, 4.95 V
hw.sensors.4=lmenv0, +12Vin, volts_dc, 12.12 V
hw.sensors.5=lmenv0, Vccp2, volts_dc, 1.17 V
hw.sensors.7=lmenv0, Int. Temp., temp, 24.00 degC / 75.20 degF
hw.sensors.8=lmenv0, AIN1, volts_dc, 0.78 V
hw.sensors.9=lmenv0, AIN2, volts_dc, 0.77 V
hw.sensors.10=lmenv1, +2.5Vin, volts_dc, 2.50 V
hw.sensors.11=lmenv1, Vccp1, volts_dc, 1.62 V
hw.sensors.12=lmenv1, +Vcc, volts_dc, 3.32 V
hw.sensors.13=lmenv1, +5Vin/Vcc, volts_dc, 4.95 V
hw.sensors.14=lmenv1, +12Vin, volts_dc, 12.12 V
hw.sensors.15=lmenv1, Vccp2, volts_dc, 0.31 V
hw.sensors.17=lmenv1, Int. Temp., temp, 25.00 degC / 77.00 degF
hw.sensors.18=lmenv1, AIN1, volts_dc, 0.74 V
hw.sensors.19=lmenv1, AIN2, volts_dc, 0.75 V
hw.sensors.20=lmenv2, +2.5Vin, volts_dc, 2.51 V
hw.sensors.21=lmenv2, Vccp1, volts_dc, 1.50 V
hw.sensors.22=lmenv2, +Vcc, volts_dc, 3.32 V
hw.sensors.23=lmenv2, +5Vin/Vcc, volts_dc, 4.97 V
hw.sensors.24=lmenv2, +12Vin, volts_dc, 12.19 V
hw.sensors.25=lmenv2, Vccp2, volts_dc, 1.25 V
hw.sensors.27=lmenv2, Int. Temp., temp, 44.00 degC / 111.20 degF
hw.sensors.28=lmenv2, AIN1, volts_dc, 1.55 V
hw.sensors.29=lmenv2, AIN2, volts_dc, 2.48 V
hw.sensors.30=lmenv3, +2.5Vin, volts_dc, 0.00 V
hw.sensors.31=lmenv3, Vccp1, volts_dc, 0.00 V
hw.sensors.32=lmenv3, +Vcc, volts_dc, 3.23 V
hw.sensors.33=lmenv3, +5Vin/Vcc, volts_dc, 5.08 V
hw.sensors.34=lmenv3, +12Vin, volts_dc, 12.12 V
hw.sensors.35=lmenv3, Vccp2, volts_dc, 0.00 V
hw.sensors.37=lmenv3, Int. Temp., temp, 34.00 degC / 93.20 degF
hw.sensors.38=lmenv3, AIN1, volts_dc, 0.77 V
hw.sensors.39=lmenv3, AIN2, volts_dc, 0.78 V

And many people have mailed in showing that much more stuff is now
working for them.  If something doesn't work for you, please keep
trying newer and newer code since the development is still moving very