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now, some issues that are OBSD front and center

So I spent yesterday putting up a nice OpenBSD box;  Lot's of space, very fast -- and first thing today I discovered that EGCS does not equal GCC.

I'd like to know what's involved in removing EGCS and installing GCC?

And if you aren't a compiler person, my guess is that this not a trivial thing to do;  And this has nothing to do with what I like, or even which is better;  I have lot's of code that simply bombs!  Even using "-g" I can't say "br main" in gdb.  It bombs BEFORE execution -- though it works fine on gcc on FreeBSD.

So I already know the problem, it's memory -- I come pretty close to the limit's of the environment.

So, has anyone swapped compilers re OpenBSD?

and thanx!


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