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packet filter questions

Hello I have a box with OpenBSD 3.8 and packet filter

I have these questions about syntax of pf:

1.-  May I use this syntax:
table <serial_1>    { }
table <serial_2>    { }
table <serial_3>    { }
router_one          =  ""

and then
group_ping         =  "{" $router_one <serial_1> <serial_2> <serial_3> "}"

Is posible the syntax to mix macros an tables? and if is possible the syntax that i used is right or wrong? or what is the rigsht syntax ?

2.- If I have to join these range networks: to
can I use the following syntax?:
table <nets> { 10.10.150-190 }    # like qmail tcp.smtp file sintax

I know that I can use these 2 syntax but i dont want to use them if the first one will work
table <nets> { } # will work fine but the range will be more than i wish
table <nets> {,, .....} # one by one but will be a huge table

thanks in advance