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Re: OpenBGP+CARP : OpenBGP does not see CARP going into master state

while everybody else is busy discussing opinions I'll bother with the 
real question...

* Sylvain Coutant <sco_(_at_)_adviseo_(_dot_)_fr> [2005-12-26 11:29]:
> OpenBGPd looks fine for eBGP and iBGP links as long as it does not 
> "depend on carp".

definately "works for me", and I can't imagine where it could break 
right now.

> When a bgp peer depends on a carp interface, OpenBGP does not see the 
> interface going master and does not trigger connections up. I tried to 
> "bgpctl reload" manually, but this does nothing.

nom config reload won't help.

> "bgpctl show interfaces" always show that carp devices never come back 
> "master" once they entered "backup" state.

that is the problem.

> My config does just include "depend on carp3" for one eBGP neighbour 
> in this case.
> Is this kind of a bug or do I miss something ?

something is strange in any case. can you run "route monitor" in 
parallel when the failover happens and show the output.

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