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Re: erratic networking problem

per engelbrecht wrote:
> Han Boetes wrote:
> > per engelbrecht wrote:
> > > recently had a problem with a NFS server. Lousy performance
> > > when getting data (not putting) from most clients (but not
> > > all) until they discovered diffs in size of the
> > > transmit/receive bufferes. When fixed users felt like going
> > > from walking to flying both ways.
> > > They do not use OpenBSD but the have different arch and OS
> > > as well i.e.  might be a similar/related problem.
> > > I read an article recently about the tux kernel hackers
> > > working on a "auto sensing" feature for the upcomming
> > > 2.6.whatever dealing with this.  The test result was quite
> > > impressive with performance gains x 10-20 and above.
> >
> > Sounds interesting.  But searching on google doesn't show any
> > usefull links.  Nor did I find out how to read/set the
> > transmit/receive buffers for either OS.
> Can't find the article (typical!). Found this though;
> http://dsd.lbl.gov/TCP-tuning/linux.html
> It describe the topic yes, but it's not "spot on".

Ow that will do fine. I also found comparable sysctls for
OpenBSD. I'll examine it in the morning, when my brains work

Thanks for looking this up for me, I appreciate it.

# Han

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