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Re: htpasswd

Thanks Simon!

Simon Morgan wrote:
On 25/12/05, Rico <coolzone_(_at_)_it_(_dot_)_dk> wrote:

I am managing some sites which has some parts password protected by a
simple .htaccess file.

On obsd 3.7 I have always used the "htpasswd" tool to generate the
password files.

Today I had to update a site, and I used htpasswd on obsd 3.8, but I am
having some problems with that.

When I compare a file generated on 3.7 with one generated on 3.8 there
is a difference.

For the test I have used:

Username: test
Password: test2006

In 3.7 the result is:

In 3.8 the result is:

On both I did:
htpasswd -c .passwd test

I have looked in the man page and I can't find any changes from 3.7 to
3.8. I have also looked on the "changes" page for 3.8.

Is it me overlooking anything?


"support blowfish encryption in the password files and use it by default
From: Sergey Smitienko <hunter_(_at_)_comsys_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_ua>, markus ok"


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