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Re: Backup Techniques onto DVD+-RW

On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 01:18:07PM -0700, Whyzzi wrote:
> Interesting idea, and have to admit I didn't think of it. There is a
> second HD ide hard drive slaved in the mail server, as well. I could
> use the likes of DD or dump/restore onto the second drive (slave).
> Last time I did that (dump/restore), I screwed up though, which is why
> a second backup method is preferable. I was playing CCD with the likes
> of that, for the separate /home partition. But for some reason it
> didn't quite feel right (likely a setup problem), so I scratched the
> CCD idea.

I have made good experience using 'rdiff-backup' to store data on a
second hard-disk or on a remote machine. It does incremental backups
and even keeps track of all changes. I have to admit that I have not
used it on OpenBSD, so YMMV.



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