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Obsd gateway and QoS related question

I have a openbsd box that is being gateway for lan of 60 computers, it is
also loadbalancing (round-robin) outgoing connections over 4 adsl lines
(setup like explained in http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/pools.html).
Those 60 workstations get their ip from dhcp and are divided in 5 subnets.

What I want is to ensure that no computer can monopolize bandwith (these
days you have those downloaders, getright for example, which can use
multiple connections for downloading same file, so its pretty possible for 1
user to get some massive download going on all 4 interfaces).
That is in case that be it just 2 or all 60 users using internet connection
at the same time, everyone gets his fair share of connection.
Resources are very limited, just 4x768 adsl, so you see the urgency for
proper solution, even if all they do is just browse web.