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Re: Greylisting google's gmail servers

Joseph C. Bender wrote:
Instead, I suggest to use a ``no rdr'' line after rdr'ing those in the blacklists to spamd.

Actually, yes, because it makes your filter rulesets easier to parse visually, but you want the "no rdr" *first*. This is the configuration that we are using.

Uh well, to each his own -- in my case, spews1 hasn't caused any false positives, yet. When I whitelist someone like Gmail and it shows up in SPEWS1 eventually, I really need no more mail from @gmail.com accounts. (Personal choice, and according to the SPEWS FAQ I *should* be doing well with it.)

Spam filtering needs to be done individually up to a certain point, so here we have two suggestions, both legitimate. Those who are following any of this advice should know/learn what they're doing and then make a decision (possibly after some testing) according to their needs.


P.S.: Another table with another no rdr line in front with the "I really need mail from these guys no matter what"-IPs and netblocks is still an option. ;-)

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