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Re: Backup Techniques onto DVD+-RW

At 10:17 AM 12/23/2005 -0700, Whyzzi wrote:
Hi gang. Running a lightweight mail server here (50 users total) on
OpenBSD, and being the cheap bastard that I am I am looking forward to
scripting a nightly backup onto some DVD-RW media. Can I assume that
dump/restore is out of the question because of the special commands
burners require to begin the writing process? And if that is indeed
the case, any recommendations or uber cool few liners that would have
say get maximum compression of the contents in /home where all related
mail is stored (sendmail/procmail-maildir/dovecot). BTW: Happy
Holidays to you and yours!

Better recommendation - rsync /home to an external system (especially if you're using Maildir). WAY less overhead! You can even backup more often. An archive machine is less costly than a bundle of DVD-RWs, and you don't have to swap media.

Should you want more than one archive, there are various ways to manage multiple versions.


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