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Re: Access CD as user using cdrtools

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 10:26:38PM -0700, Ludwig Mises wrote:
> It seems that only root can access /dev/rcd0c when using tools such as
> cdrdao, cdda2wav and cdparanoia, even when the user is in the operator
> group:
> $ cdparanoia -v -d /dev/rcd0c -B
> Checking /dev/rcd0c for cdrom...
>         Testing /dev/rcd0c for SCSI interface
>                 generic device: /dev/rcd0c
>                 ioctl device: /dev/rcd0c
>                 Could not open generic SCSI device /dev/rcd0c: Permission denied
>         Testing /dev/rcd0c for SCSI interface
> uid=1000(lm) gid=1000(lm) groups=1000(lm), 0(wheel), 5(operator)
> I get similar results with cdda2wav and cdrdao.  Oddly enough, cdio
> works just fine for this user.  Even changing the permissions on
> /dev/rcd0c to 644 didn't change anything and  I still get errors
> indicating that I have no permission, yet clearly the account is in
> the correct group:
> $ ls -l /dev/rcd0c
> crw-r-----  1 root  operator   15,   2 Dec 15 21:32 /dev/rcd0c
> Is it possible to read /dev/rcd0c as a user in the operator group
> using cdda2wav or other cdrtools?  I would rather not have to use su
> or sudo just to read a CD.  And I see nothing special about cdio (i.e.
> no SUID) to make it work differently.

try adding write permission for the operator group to this device?

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