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OT: VIA EPIA with VIA C7, for an OpenBSD multipurpose firewall: where?


Does anyone have any news on VIA C7, or VIA EPIA platform in general?

The current offers are so outdated, they still don't offer gigabit
ethernet in most solutions, and the things that are offered are indeed
overpriced (whereas VIA C3 is supposed to be a really cheap solution,
it looks today that Mac mini still has a much higher value/price

Does anyone know if VIA is going to change the situation anytime soon?

I need a reasonably priced mini-ITX system with DDR or DDR2 memory
support, preferably with an entry-level Nehemiah or Esther processor,
dual Ethernet (one Fast and one Gigabit), multiple USB 2.0 (for 2.5"
HDDs). Integrated non-encumbered wireless is a big plus (yeah, dream
on), and so is the serial console and fanless operation. VGA doesn't

I have strong doubts that my request differs from that of other
misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org list subscribers, then why no-one sells these
nice-spec mainboards? :-/

How much am I willing to pay for these boards? Not more than I would
for the same power-wise solution elsewhere. Yes, VIA, this is the
reality. Why would I pay you more than I would pay Apple, AMD or

P.S. Did you know that ASUS Terminator C3 barebone with VIA Samuel 2
processor, VIA CLE266 north bridge and VT8237 south bridge costs 115
USD delivered (dmesg and details:
and that already includes the case, power supply, floppy and even
CD-ROM!? Then why the VIA mainboards are thrice as expensive (!) if
the technology is so cheap?