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Re: DSL Internet Connection Question

Hello Tobias,

Wednesday, December 21, 2005, 1:00:08 PM, you wrote:

TU> To fix these values locally, take a look at dhclient.conf(5), especially
TU> at the supersede option and domain-name-servers.

Right now 'dhclient.conf' is completely commented out.

Would adding the line:

supercede domain-name-servers "dns.IP.address.1 dns.IP.address.2";

...do the job of hardcoding:

nameserver dns.IP.address.1
nameserver dns.IP.address.2

...into the 'resolv.conf' file?

TU> You should however check, why you get wrong values from your
TU> router.

Yes, I plan on figuring this out, eventually.

What puzzles me, is that exactly the same line...


...which is a private IP addy, placed in the 'resolv.conf' file by
DHCP on my Red Hat installation, and there, everything works fine.

As soon as I know OpenBSD a little better, I will probably be able to
figure out what is different, that makes things work in Red Hat, but
break in Open BSD. Then I can replace the kludge with something


-wittig http://www.robertwittig.com/

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