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Re: pf and two ADSL links

> all UK ADSL is operated by them, with the minor exception of LLU.


> AFAIK there is only one UK operator unbundling for ADSL, in some southern
> exchanges (eg London & there abouts).


> I've seen it often enough where [...] a JCB has dug though the footpath and 
> taken the lot out

There are cheap enough alternatives.

> Look to different media alltogether for HA.

Don't exclude the cheap, predictable thing right under your nose.

> This is all fine for messing about at home or in a small style, no SLA
> business.

It's better than you think.

> When an ADSL is faulted to BT via eCo once a fault has been detected
> though Woosh, the GPMS case will sit in the diagnostics queue for 48
> hours before it is even looked at. Then resolution will typically
> take another 3-5 days.

BS. Shame on you.

> If you want to offer your customers an SLA

We know.