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Re: VPN: solutions that interoperate with win xp

dick_(_at_)_uchicago_(_dot_)_edu wrote:

> i have also setup openvpn, which works great for me from home, and i have been
> able to successfully get this working. however, one of the users that connects
> to my VPN is having problems making openvpn and his kerio firewall "play nice",
> and a working openvpn configuration cannot survive a reboot due to win xp being
> such a great OS.

I would definately stick with the openvpn solution. It's simplier to
implement, and i didn't understood the part that the configuration
cannot survive a reboot. Is this a problem on the user side? If it is,
the same potential to damage the openvpn setup, could be used to dmage
the ipsec setup. And i do have many clients of mine, that use a openvpn
solution on windows XP without problems. You can even make your own
instalation package
that places your certificates and conf files in the right place, so the
setup can be corrected with a few clicks of the user. It can even run
without administrator rights

Now about the kerio firewall, you should try to completely disable the
flitering on the tun/tap interface and/or disabilitating filtering on
the port that openvpn uses. Yes, that's another advantage, it use only
ONE port, and is NAT friendly. So i always recomend openvpn.

My regards,

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