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Re: pf and two ADSL links

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 03:57:08PM +0000, Gordon Ross wrote:
> > If you need redundancy, try a DSL and a cable TV broadband or leased
> line.
> Ensuring that the leased line goes through different exchanges to the
> ADSL circuit....

Since we are both in the UK, did you consider Telewest Leased Lines?

All the lines that we provision with them, they use their own POPs to connect to dark fibre, and never go to BT's network, and hence an exchange.

We also provision BT and Thus/Scottish Telecom Leased Lines, which do use BT exchanges, so no help in that regard.

Colo is still the best option for HA.

> > That way if the exchange has problems (and they do), you are using
> different 
> > media for the other line.
> Been there. Got stuffed.