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Re: Alpha Disklabel Question

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 01:50:48PM -0800, J.C. Roberts wrote:
> (2) When doing the installation disklabel, the "suggested" starting
> offset for the 'a' partition is 0? I know using an offset of 0 is
> discouraged on i386 and other systems (default is 63), so I figured I'd
> ask if using a 0 offset is the "best/correct" way for alpha?

i'm going to let nick answer this (you're reading, right nick? ;)
*i* don't know, but i'd like to know the answer.

faq 14.10 says, at one point: "Notice that the offset starts at 63. This
is what you want."

i'm trying to find where we document *why* 63 is "what you want" and if
it's MI.