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Re: Odd routing problem ?

(reply inline, sorry)

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 01:34:38PM -0300, Fernando Braga wrote:
> I'm facing an unusual problem with routing. I can access an internal
> server (with real IP) thru an OpenBSD gateway (gwA). Everything works
> when connection is initiated from the Internet. But gwB can't make its
> way back to the Internet.
> Every attempt to access any host on the Internet gets to gwA
> int_wireless, but doesn't goes out on ext_if. gwB can't even ping gwA
> external address

I assume gwA and gwB can ping each other on the internal interface, at

> gwA has 3 interfaces: sis0 (external), vr0 (internal), and xl0 (int_wireless).
> gwB has 2 interfaces: sis0 (ext_wireless), and rl0 (internal).
> +-------+                                  +-----+
> |  gwB  |sis0----<< RADIO BRIDGES >>----xl0| gwA |sis0-----<< INTERNET >>
> +-------+                                  +-----+
> gwB's
> -----
> gwB:24$ cat /etc/hostname.sis0                                        
>                                                    inet
> inet alias NONE
> gwB:25$

Okay, should work. I assume you've set gwA as default gateway?

> gwA's
> -----
> gwA:511$ cat /etc/hostname.xl0
> inet NONE
> !/sbin/route add -net

Okay, should work, too. Wireless is a bitch, but I suppose everything
works, where the hardware is concerned.

> gwA:512$ cat /etc/hostname.sis0
> inet NONE
> gwA:513$

Are you certain that gwA->sis0 should have that netmask? If it is indeed
internet-connected, it probably shouldn't.

> gwA:514$ sysctl -a net.inet.ip.forwarding
> net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
> Has anyone a clue ?

Nothing definitive, but (unless the above solves it) I'd like to see the
routing tables. I'm not entirely certain where the default route goes,
in particular.