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Weird colour Daemon Wireframe T-shirts temporarily available

We had some test prints of Wireframe Daemon T-shirts made a few years ago
using some weird colours.   They may as well find a home, so I have added
a few of them temporarily to the order site -- look for extra colours
under the Daemon Wireframe colour selector.   These are mostly only in XXL
or as indicated.

These will not appear on the European order page (although we could ship

Of the the colours mentioned, we find the Bright Red to be the best
looking, and the Turquoise is pretty nice too.   The Hot Pink is pretty

We also have some other colours, not yet posted, Bright Yellow XXL --
where the white wireframe pattern is a bit submerged in the yellow since
it is such a light colour -- actually kind of an "interesting" effect.

Bright Orange background.

Purple Grape background --   wow yucky!!

Tan background -- with again the white wireframe design a bit submerged by
the light tan.

Light Blue -- ditto

You can write me directly if you really want to make that other
outrageous fashion statement!

OpenBSD Distribution
Milk River, AB   Canada