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Re: removing old files - /usr grows with each release

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 06:45:59PM +0100, Andreas Bartelt wrote:
> [...] My 
> /usr partition (located on a 512 MB CompactFlash drive) recently has 
> reached its limits after living through multiple releases (3.4 - 3.8).
> du -h:
> ...
> /dev/wd0e      359M    311M   30.3M    91%    /usr
> Is it better to wipe /usr and do a complete reinstall of all /usr 
> content from a fresh OpenBSD system?

You could (ab)use the checkflist script in /usr/src/distrib sets,
as mentioned in release(8):

# cd /usr/src/distrib/sets
# DESTDIR=/ sh checkflist > foo

Then *carefully* review foo, which should contain a diff between
what is expected on a fresh distribution and what actually is
contained on your filesystems.

Again: be careful. You probably don't want to remove /usr/src,
/usr/local, /usr/ports, /usr/X* or even /home. Also note that blindly
removing outdated shared libraries may break outdated installed
packages. So you've to ensure your packages are up to date, too.


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