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Re: Would it be helpful if ...

Well, I can help anyone who wants to run apache-2.2, php5.1.1, mysql 4x
However, I have not chroot'ed it as of yet. That is what i am doing today.

Also, I plan on upgrading mysql to ver. 5x but this is not important
to me being that I am running mysql5x on a linux box already. For the
sake of documenting it
I will do it, after I chroot my existing install.

so if anyone needs help, with the above .. feel free to email me off the list.

On 12/10/05, Markus Wernig <markus_(_at_)_wernig_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
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> Michael Steinfeld wrote:
> > I was thinking of writing an OpenBSD 3.8 - Apache-2.2.0 with PHP-5.1.1
> > and MySQL doc
> >
> > Would it be worth while? Or was I the only (iD-E-YUT) that it took
> > several hours of trial and error before I was able to do it?
> No, my friend, you're not alone ... I'm still stuck on some silly apache
> issue at the moment. I can contribute a bit on the mysql part, if needed.
> krgds /markus
> iD8DBQFDmpqs8BX/d8pVi/cRArkJAKCV6lY1UFGHiaJsUiDwZzojqqvw7QCgnC+c
> dywaWVpCUtN8L4D+w6XzdUE=
> =O2W3