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LSI 300-8x problems

Hi all,

Having read the list archives, the decision was made to get a 300-8x for
a new server I'm putting together.

However, I'm having 2 distinct problems. First of all, the card is only
detected when pcibios is disabled. The second being that during the
installation process, the disklabels are written, but the install then
"hangs" just after asking for confirmation to delete all data on the
paritions. If left for a while, "ami0: timeout ccb 126" is printed several
times. This has been tried both with the original firmware (LSI_FW_813F)
and with the latest firmware (LSI_FW_813J).

There is a slew of dmesgs available (see the links below); with the new
and old firmware, and with and without pcibios enabled. The motherboard is
an Intel 925 chipset part.

Motherboard information: http://www.intel.com/design/servers/boards/SE7221BK1-E/index.htm

Dmesgs: http://midworld.co.uk/~dmesg/

Basically, has anyone got any ideas of how to get this thing working?

Thanks for any help


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