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Re: Teamspeak server

On 12/8/05, Bernd Schoeller <bernd_(_dot_)_schoeller_(_at_)_inf_(_dot_)_ethz_(_dot_)_ch> wrote:
> I had run the current TeamSpeak server in Linux emulation on 3.8 just
> a couple of weeks ago, although I have to admit that this was just for
> testing. But it seemed to work fine.

I managed to get it running in -current but it was unreliable. Some parts of
the web interface didn't work at all. The voice part seemed to work at first
but later the whole thing locked up.

The Teamspeak forums are full of questions about OpenBSD support with no
answers. It looks like the current release isn't written in C, but a port is
in progress.

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