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pf table problem in OBSD 3.6

A number of months ago, we were hit by a virus that caused our machines to 
open numerous popups to numerous adware sites. In an effort to control that 
then and forever (ha!), we placed the addresses of the adware sites into a 
table and told pf to block access to them. When I rebooted our firewall 
recently, pf did not start due to one of the addresses being unresolvable. 
This caused all connections to be blocked.  Has this been fixed in later 
releases of OBSD, or has anyone developed a work around for this?

# pfctl -Tload -f pf.conf
no IP address found for dsl-80-46-67-1.access.xxxx.com
pf.conf:17: file "/etc/blocked-sites" contains bad data
pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded

Jonathan M. Prigot
Brigham and Women's Hospital
900 Commonwealth Ave., East
Boston, MA 02215-1213

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