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Getting HW info from vendors for own fun

Hello misc,

I was curious about something. Is it considered as a sensible thing to do, to request hardware info in name of the OpenBSD community directly from vendors, for your own experimentation purposes?

My question comes from the idea that a fun way to learn device driver programming would be bugging the vendors of material you want to work on your own pc for docs. I would believe this would keep the motivation factor high, to learn how to program.

Of course, saying that you are interested to make it work on OpenBSD might be able to open some doors, as opposed to just barge in and say 'gimme tech doc now, I'm John Doe'.

At the moment, people who want to learn the above read already available code, then play around (as far as I can see). Looking into such docs and play around with it could be an interesting experience.

Are there any objections to such approaches (requesting things in name of the OpenBSD community)?
Are there also any particular approaches to do such a thing, things not to do, etc?



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