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Re: Problem with Realtek 8139 in very old machine

Joachim Schipper wrote:
> Looks like *something* is wonky. You could try another card, or this
> card in another machine, if you want to have a go at isolating the
> problem.
> For a more practical solution, ask around a bit and install your
> firewall on the best machine you've been offered after a couple of
> weeks. It's likely to be much better than what you have now, from my
> experience.
> 		Joachim
Thanks. I already putted my hands on some ISA nic's and on some PCI
nic's from other vendors, and will try them all. Unfortunately, i have
to sticky with this solution, because i want to build a very low budget
firewall, only for my home needs (5 machines). But thanks for the reply.

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