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Re: Problem with Realtek 8139 in very old machine

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 12:07:33AM -0200, Giancarlo Razzolini wrote:
> Ted Unangst wrote:
> > put it in a different slot.
> > 
> > On 12/1/05, Giancarlo Razzolini <linux-fan_(_at_)_onda_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_br> wrote:
> > 
> >>Hi Folks,

> >>       I'm building a firewall solution to my home network on top of OpenBSD.
> >>The machine that i'm using is a very old Pentium 133Mhz, with only 40MB
> >>of RAM (EDO), 4 PCI ports and 5 ISA ports. I do have my VGA card (a
> >>trident TGUI) on one PCI, and a Realtek 8139 os other PCI port. The
> >>problem that i'm having is that i managed to install openbsd correctly,
> >>and it detects my ethernet card correctly, but it can initializate the
> >>device. As i don't have network, i can't put a full dmesg here, but it
> >>is something like this that shows to me:
> >>
> >>rl0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX no interrupt for pin A
> >>: couldn't map interrupt
> >>
> >>       The rl(4) man page only says that it is "A fatal initialization error
> >>has occurred". I did some homework and found some guys saying to
> >>deactivate plug and play (my BIOS don't have this, instead i deactivated
> >>auto irq mappings), other guys saying to deactivate the serial ports.
> >>I've done these both, with no success. I've even replaced the card for
> >>one that i was sure that was working, with no success. If any of you
> >>gurus have some hint for this, i would be vary glad. Perhaps, deactivate
> >>the automatic detection, and passing some arguments to the kernel. I
> >>don't know. A, by the way, my BIOS only let me to assign IRQ's 14 or 15
> >>to the PCI port where the Realtek is. 14 is currently used for my IDE
> >>controller. I know that the ethernet card can share the same IRQ with
> >>the IDE controller, but i don't know if the other way arround is true.
> >>And if i force some IRQ, my machine doesn't even pass the BIOS checks,
> >>and freezes.

> First of all i would like to thank everybody that replyed. I tried
> putting it on a different slot, and i did something more radical. i've
> installed a slackware linux in the machine, and it gave me the same
> error. The kernel said to me to try to boot it with the pci=biosirq
> option. I did it, and i got a big kernel panic. I'm almost losing my
> hopes. The thing that is most painful is that it had a windows 98
> installed on the machine before putting openbsd or the linux. And the
> realtek was working. I hate PnP. Well, i'll try to erase the bios, but
> i've already tried using the nic, on every slot. My last option will be
> to get 2 ISA cards, and try then. Thanks for all you pals. It really
> helped me a lot. I've only foung this kind of support in the slackware
> mail lists. I heard that the OpenBSD communty was very good, and now i
> know why.

Looks like *something* is wonky. You could try another card, or this
card in another machine, if you want to have a go at isolating the

For a more practical solution, ask around a bit and install your
firewall on the best machine you've been offered after a couple of
weeks. It's likely to be much better than what you have now, from my