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Re: Oracle, anyone?

Running oracle on any unsupported platform is probably not the best
idea, not only because you won't get support, but also because running
it on a more secure platform will still leave you with lots of holes;
in other words, you're going to need something in front of the box to
protect it anyway. Of course, "the more layers of defense, the better"
is an excellent mantra, but unfortunately much of the time there are
considerations other than just security. OpenBSD is written for uses
where freedom, stability, adherence to standards, and security are the
top concerns (and things like performance, or accessibility to those
who are only interested in reading their email and nothing else, for
instance, aren't as high on the list). If having support is a concern,
or if being able to get it up and running more or less quickly is a
concern, OpenBSD isn't the platform for Oracle. They've got lots of
little things they do in their installer to make sure you're running a
platform they like (for instance, Fedora (an unsupported platform) is
almost identical to RedHat Advanced Server (a supported platform), yet
by default Oracle won't install on it (specifically because it checks
RedHat's /etc/redhat-release file to see what system it's being
installed on). In short, there likely will be lots of little
work-arounds you'll have to deal with to get the install to work in
the first place. All that being said, should lack of support, the
extra time it will take, and the other issues that have been brought
up not be issues for you, 1) lucky you, and 2) I for one would be very
interested in whether or not you get it working.