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how to load debugging symbols into gdb

I have a problem debugging a core file of a  web application server with  
the gdb. The application server is written in objective c, running in a  
GNUstep environment, the binary is compiled with debugging information  
and is not stripped.   
when I try to examine the file I load it with gdb -c core-file  
then in gdb I issue a symbol-file /usr/local/sbin/ogo-webui-1.1  
this will load the symbols of the file.  
then I looked with ldd /usr/local/sbin/ogo-webui-1.1 which shared  
libraries are loaded. (well every output of ldd differs because of the  
randomness :)  
then in gdb I did add-symbol-file ...  
for each shared library I saw in the ldd output, well I skipped to tell  
gdb the address because I did not find out where these are because of the  
whatever I tried, when I issue a bt in gdb, then I get lots of:  
#0  0x0fd6e61c in ?? ()  
#1  0x241aba78 in ?? ()  
#2  0x08760d2c in ?? ()  
#3  0x087619b2 in ?? ()  
#4  0x7d984e40 in ?? ()  
#5  0x0007d990 in ?? ()  
#6  0x00000000 in ?? ()  
#7  0x8bb1f000 in ?? ()  
#8  0x8bb1f000 in ?? ()  
#9  0x8bb1f000 in ?? ()  
#10 0x2fd6500c in ?? ()  
#11 0x2fd66898 in ?? ()  
#12 0x221ef039 in ?? ()  
#13 0x221f70c0 in ?? ()  
#14 0xcfbf61e8 in ?? ()  
#15 0x0fd6f987 in ?? ()  
is there a way to find out at which starting points the shared libraries  
were loaded as the application crashed? tried ldd, nm, objdump on the  
core file, but without luck. Do I have to disable the randomness for  
testing/debugging? If yes, where do I have to disable it,  
-fno-stack-protection, /etc/malloc.conf, syctl kern.stackgap_random,  
anything else?  
when I load a core file of the application in linux, and issue a  
symbol-file command, then not only the symbols of the given binary but  
also from all shared libraries are loaded automatically. Then issuing a  
bt command in gdb shows me all the information I want. Does this somehow  
work in the openbsd gdb?  
i am a bit clueless now, so what can I do to find out why the application  
crashed in openbsd?  

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