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Re: theo


Okay guys, this is nuts! Who is this person thinks they are? Wow! They are really reaching around for one! I know a thing or twelve about how to play "tha system", and this duder is doing it to it!!! Holy moles!

So I saw this email and I just fell on my big butt tonight! It knocked me off my chair because, really, how could The O. (Theo) be such a jerk and heartless coward to make fun of a lady in a wheel chair woman because she is so old her shoes hurt when she walks? That's just not right and I was seriously starting to reconsider my use of OpenBSD in my Solaris server over this.

So I cranked up the mouse and pointed my browsler prowsler over to the Googler to do a quick job on this "SOPHIE" person to find out what started this whole bucket of clams!

So here's the money shot: Sophie USED TO BE named STEVE! That is right! This whole hot mama Sophie is a scams! Probably from NIGERIA! Yeah, that's right you read me right!!! What the heller has happened on this forum?!?! People getting in gender benders around here or something!? Gawd! So look here and you will see that THEO IS NOT TO BLAME FOR ANYTHING! He has been the innocent victim of a BROWSE-BY FLAMER (and not one of the QUEEN VARIETY!!! ROFLFLS!!).

At first I was thinky that maybe STEVE must have lost his wifer in some tragic accident or something similar, as in the first post I liked to above he claims to have a wife! But it seems that maybe he is talking about himself!?? Maybe he wants to come to Canada for a whack-job or something and wants Theo's moral support or something? I mean, if "Steve" wants to become a woman named "Sophie", I have to ask: what business is it of Grandmaster Theo, anyway?

So come on Steve! Shed your pair like a man and join your friends! We support you in your choice!

So clickers the link here so you can see what you've been painfully missing in this saga of lies:

http://groups.google.com/group/lucky.openbsd.misc/browse_thread/thread/65e69cf1758aad40/a350303a977807d0?lnk=st&q=USB+ports+not+working+on+Toshiba+Satellite&rnum=1#a350303a977807d0 <http://groups.google.com/group/lucky.openbsd.misc/browse_thread/thread/65e69cf1758aad40/a350303a977807d0?lnk=st&q=USB+ports+not+working+on+Toshiba+Satellite&rnum=1#a350303a977807d0>

P.S. If you are not a scoundrel, you need to read my bloglog and learn some things about being a real man as well as how to work with difficult people... <http://www.bilano.biz/>

Mr. Billy B. Bilano, MSCE, CCNA
Expert Sysadmin Since 2003!

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