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Re: tried 3.0 not 3.7 and still can't get very far


>when I purchsed 3 there were all kinds of problems with
loading on a laptop
>Now I purchsed 3.7 and it looks like this is the final end of
the road
>for openbsd and me
>I tolerated figuring out the wireless settings and even
though there is
>some reason for a huge time lag installing packages my main
concern is
>there is NO flexibility in getting it setup

try posting a dmesg for the laptop you're running on and/or
the log/debugging outputs that are relevant to your errors.

>1. every other download has some kind of 'serious' error yet
the package
>2. OK finally fed up with instaling upteen seperate packages
to get
>something to work i.e. gnome then atttempted to dowload
everything and
>install what I want. Well the ftp blows up.
>3. just have no sure way of knowing when this system will
start doing
>some real work. spending all my time with problems and have
no single
>docuement to help

"no single document to help"? that's hardly the case. take a
look at the openbsd FAQ, http://openbsd.org/faq/index.html ,
or look at the manual pages.

openbsd is not windows or linux. you really should give the
FAQ and manual pages a thorough reading when you're confused.
remain calm :).