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Re: device timeout when mounting cd

How far did you go on your own to debug this ?

I'm new to OpenBSD and I don't know how to debug this any further. I'm open to suggestions though and prepared to learn.

Did you try to swap the drive ?
Did you try to swap the cable ?
Do you have another OS on your system to try from there ?

I have had this drive working correctly with Gentoo Linux and an identical drive on another machine working with Windows XP. I haven't changed the drive or the hardware as I can boot from cd with openbsd, and the drive works with Linux. This is a new machine and I don't want to have to open the case if I can avoid it as it is sealed.

Have you tried some flags from 'man wd' to bring down the PIO/DMA ?

I have followed Andrew Daugherity's suggestion of disabling UDMA and DMA from boot_config without success. dmesg reports that my device uses atapiscsi not wd.

Thanks for your help,