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Re: know any neat tricks for 2 * dhclient?

* Graham Toal <gtoal_(_at_)_gtoal_(_dot_)_com> [2005-10-27 16:35]:
> (description of why it can't work deleted for brevity)
> > Now, your "bridge" should bridge this dhcp-packet from one interface to the
> > other? That doesn't work: its sending this packet out through that
> > interface, it can't send it out on all other interfaces.
> So there's no solution?  I see now that the packet flow doesn't support it,
> but logically it  does make sense to want an IP from that DHCP server
> to be given to the other interface, after all any systems hanging off that
> interface *will* get an address from the DHCP server on the other
> side of the bridge, so why shouldn't I?  There has to be some way
> around it?  Some pf re-routing trick?

nothing similar will help you, since dhclient uses bpf which is very 
very deep in the stack, bridging and pf happen further up.

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