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Re: know any neat tricks for 2 * dhclient?

> i am confused as to why anyone would want to make a setup like
> this, unless they were being shady. if you are going to be

Yeah, it does make a perfect man-in-the-middle attack kit I 
must admit, but no, that's not what I'm working on :-)

> installing a transparent filter/proxy/etc., shouldn't you have
> enough control over the networking environment to work around
> the DHCP problems?

Nope.  This is to be used in a spamfilter, which can be
pre-configured and given to someone to install at their 
site, with the only requirement being that they get the
ethernet wires in the right sockets.  (And even that I
can probably work around with a bit of hackery)

> it seems to me that working on the setup as it is currently
> posited is a poor time investment. i would think harder about
> how to change other things to work around this issue. unless,
> of course, you were being shady ;).

I've already thought hard about it.  I got the spam filter
part working over a year ago, but for the target users
(high-schools, colleges, and universities plus any other
govt-funded organisations in Texas - and anyone else that
wants it) anything that is as complex to configure as the
system currently is, is a non-starter.  It has to be
idiot proof and basically just an appliance like a 
commercial one.  When you buy a linksys router for your
home cable, you don't have to edit header files and
recompile (or even just tweak params in a GUI) - you
just plug it in and use it.  That's what I need to make
in order to get wide distribution of this thing.

Hence the requirement for true transparency.  If you
don't have that (i.e. your MTA sees connections as coming
from your spam filter appliance) then it will treat *all*
incoming mail as either internal or external depending
on where your appliance sits - rather than being able
to determine internal addresses from external ones by
looking at the incoming IP.  For something like an FTP
proxy or a transparent squid cache, this is not so much
of an issue, but for email where you have to reject
third-party spams while allowing local users to mail
successfully, it's a requirement.  (The other requirements
are that it is MTA-agnostic, as the users could have
any mailer and it will undoubtedly be one that they
can't tweak because they have no source code; and that
it does *not* store-and-forward, because that brings
in a whole new set of data management issues that
I'm not willing to handle.  It has to pass connections
through to the target MTA in real time.)


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