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[Fwd: Re: Your web comment on docs.hp.com]

Some feedback already.

Keep sending the feedback.

They extracted only that part for my email to them however.

I wrote more then that and strongly suggested that a politically correct moved would also be to give some hardware back to the project they benefit as well!

At a minimum, respecting the license and put a URL back to the project would be a minimum they could and should do!

Hope this help any! I won't hold my breath however, but may be they will fell guilty and do something... May be....


-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Your web comment on docs.hp.com Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:28:58 -0600 From: richard_(_dot_)_artz_(_at_)_hp_(_dot_)_com <richard_(_at_)_hpfcma_(_dot_)_fc_(_dot_)_hp_(_dot_)_com> To: daniel_(_at_)_realconnect_(_dot_)_com CC: feedback_(_at_)_fc_(_dot_)_hp_(_dot_)_com References: <200510251804_(_dot_)_MAA28783_(_at_)_dux426_(_dot_)_den_(_dot_)_hp_(_dot_)_com>

Hi Daniel,

You sent feedback to Hewlett-Packard:

However, seeing how you don't even give credit, or respect that license of OpenSSH that you DO use in your product makes me very sad at best! The license for OpenSSH is not a public domain like you point out here:

We regret this error and are in the process of notifying the author to immediately correct the book. Once corrected, it will be re-published with the correct attribution.

At no time does Hewlett-Packard ever want to mis-represent the hard
work of the Open Source Community.  We are proud or our participation
in the Community and regret this mistake.

Thank you for calling it to our attention.

And thanks for using docs.hp.com,

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