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Up again! was Re: mirror in Erlangen is down


* Alexander von Gernler <grunk_(_at_)_pestilenz_(_dot_)_org> [2005-10-24 14:58]:
> openbsd.informatik.uni-erlangen.de, also known under many aliases
> (ftp3.de, www.de, rsync.de, anoncvs2.de) is currently down due to
> hardware problems.
> It is not clear yet when the machine will go online again, as I am
> currently not around in Erlangen, and have to examine the hardware
> first.
> Please use another mirror from now on.  I will report when the machine
> is back online again.

The problem resolved rather quickly, thanks to a fellow student from
Erlangen University, who just took the hours needed, and brought the
machine back to life.

Big thanks for reanimation to the person who does not want to be named!

If you happen to discover any irregularities or abnormal behavior wrt
the mirror, please report it to me or to openbsd-mirrors_(_at_)_list_(_dot_)_rt_(_dot_)_fm_(_dot_)_

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