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Re: TERM=wsvt25 with wscons?

[Forgot to CC the list]

> I don't know bash well but in ksh, you need to make the xterm a login
> shell in order to use .profile (by setting loginShell resource to true,
> or using -ls in the xterm command line). Displaying some output will
> prove whether it's being run.

I'm not aware of the resources like loginShell -- where are they?

> Also, did you remember to export the variable?

I did, thanks.

> You might be able to use some xterm variant at the console too,
> actually. Works for me with mutt on the console of a Zaurus..

Would I write (instead of where it has vt220 or whatever)
xterm-xfree86 in /etc/ttys to get this?  Would this also make it
automatically a login shell?

Could you also point me to the man pages or FAQs where the resources
and things like using xterm at the console, etc, are described?


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