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Re: DISKLESS tutorial that need feedback

** Reply to message from Bachman Kharazmi <bahkha_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> on Sat, 22
Oct 2005 23:44:13 +0200

>Please STOP the discussion about document formats in this thread.
>You're taking my time complaing on the document format (pdf).

I do _not_ want to discourage anyone from creating new, useful
documents, but why should decreased accessibility due to choosing a
format that's not appropriate for general use on the web be treated
differently from any other defect?

If you're writing this purely for your own amusement, use any format
you like -- but if you want _other_ people to read it on the web,
you'll get better results if you provide it in pure
standards-conforming HTML+CSS (since that's the form which is most
likely to be convenient -- and least likely to cause problems -- for
anyone trying to read it).

>In my first post I wrote that I want feedback on the document and nothing else.

You _are_ getting feedback on the document: it's harder to read than it
could be.


Dave Anderson

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