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Since it's a few days before release I'll advertise about my
upgrade-script again:

It aims to make an as simple as possible upgrade. Especially the
updating of /etc is made a lot simpler.

>From the README:


     You shouldn't notice too much about mergeslave, but here is a
     little something about how it works:

     You have to have the etcXX.tgz that matches your current release.
     Mergeslave moves it to a backupfile name and downloads the new
     etcXX.tgz. After that it uppacks both files into sepperate dirs,
     removes files from those dirs you never want to be examined and
     some data-files. And then a diff is created between those dirs.
     After that a testrun is done to see if that patch cleanly applies
     to your live filesystem. The patch is applied and you are warned
     to merge all rejected patches, if they were created. Don't worry
     about loosing important data. A backup file of all replaced files
     is also created.

Most people I have spoken are really satisfied with the way it
handles the whole update. You can get it over here:


# Han

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