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Re: tar(1) problem with long file names.


On Sat, Oct 22, 2005 at 01:43:03PM +0000, Christian Weisgerber wrote:
>Hannah Schroeter <hannah_(_at_)_schlund_(_dot_)_de> wrote:

>> Use a more apt data format in your use case. Ehm correcting myself:
>> According to pax(1), 100 is the limit for pathnames in the old tar
>> format, while the limit for ustar is 250. For *pathnames*!.

>> Perhaps you can use cpio (or pax with -x cpio).

>Actually, it's the SVR4 cpio format ("sv4cpio" or the variant
>"sv4crc") you want.  1024-char file/path names, 32-bit inode and
>device numbers, and even reasonably portable.

If the plain cpio format itself isn't up to the task, perhaps the pax
manual page should document its limitations. I went by the manual page
and saw no mention of restrictions there for cpio, either.

Still good to know about that recommendation, I might have some use for
it too.

Kind regards,