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Re: tar(1) problem with long file names.


On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 02:07:16PM -0500, eric wrote:
>It seems that tar(1) is only able to archive filenames of 100 characters or
>less. However, ufs can handle (I've been testing using touch(1)) filenames
>up to 255 characters. I tried to modify the following in src/bin/pax/tar.h

It's an issue of the (us)tar data format.

Especially, raising it to 255 doesn't help either, as the field encodes
*path* names, and *path* names can be up to 1023 or so bytes.


>Has anyone bumped into this and made a more reliable fix? 

Use a more apt data format in your use case. Ehm correcting myself:
According to pax(1), 100 is the limit for pathnames in the old tar
format, while the limit for ustar is 250. For *pathnames*!.

Perhaps you can use cpio (or pax with -x cpio).


>- Eric

Kind regards,