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Re: OpenBSD MetaStore: Distributed hosting?

Gordon Grieder wrote:

Why block access to your website in an attempt to block spam? Spam
harvesters? If so it's pointless, these lists are archived all over the
net, your address is already out there.

No, I just block netblocks because I don't care about any traffic from those countries, whose rich spectrum of bogosity is not entirely spam (though spam is a major part of it). Again, I've received enough bogus shit from these countries to not care anymore. Scorched Earth. It is _my network_, I am entitled to do this. Yet I have already said this, and grow tired of repeating myself. I have also already said that I do not intend to be the permanent sole host of this project, that it is subject to going away at any time if I cannot find another host for it, and that this is only one possible candidate solution to the problem of "How to collect information about which OpenBSD hardware is supported, and how to make its purchase easier". You are entirely welcome to make _your_ _own_ solution to this problem and stick it out there if you would like. You may even use mine as a base, I will forward to you the work I have done so far and a dump of the database. I would recommend that distributed hosting be explored, however - this seems to solve _everybody's_ problem, keeping the inherent information-cleanliness of centralized control while obtaining the reliability and local convenience of a distributed network. It also causes people to not have any reason to be concerned with my network policies, and causes me to not have to worry about any innocents' being denied use of a resource they may find valuable.

Perhaps I misunderstood you, was this an offer to host a copy?

It's ironic that much of the hardware you're promoting is likely made
in the same "shitholes that should be nuked from orbit."

Sounds like you need an enema.

Great, they can make all the hardware they want. I still don't want to receive their network traffic. The hardware is good, sort of. The network traffic isn't. Clear?

Again:  Was this an offer to host a copy of the MetaStore?

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