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OpenBSD MetaStore: Distributed hosting?

Okay, misc_(_at_)__(_dot_)_  Having heard the whining about my apparently unpopular
policy WRT netblocks in certain filthy, spammer-ridden Third World
shitholes that should be nuked from orbit to protect the Internet
from their miserable spams, SSH scans, and generally bogus traffic,
and after searching my soul to determine that a) yes, I would like
the OpenBSD Metastore to be visible to these unwashed masses even
if they do harbor poorly-socialized wankers who abuse their (and my)
bandwidth, and that b) no, I am not going to change my policy about
which netblocks I accept traffic from, I have decided that a compromise
may be in order.

I'm in the process of registering a domain name for this little
project.  With a little judicious DNS cooking, the use of my
much-maligned cb netblock script, and a little secret sauce, it will
be possible to RR this and distribute the hosting with preferences
established by country (from TW, the site will go to the Taiwanese
hosted version, etc.), meaning that the only issue is finding other
people to host mirrors of it.  The problem is going to be
synchronization of the database; I'm working on that.  While kit
updates will be centralized and pushed out, dealing with comments is
going to be, uh, "interesting".  I may deal with that by simply refusing
to do so, making comments local-only.  Any suggestions about the best
way to deal with that are welcome.  >;->

This has the side-effect of making localization somewhat easier,
for those who want to track prices locally and/or make descriptions
available in the local language.

What about it?  Anybody out there want to host a copy of this?
You, Mr. Holop, since you've been the most vocal so far?  How about
Rod "Lips" Wankworth or whatever your name is?  Any other detractors
willing to donate some bandwidth?  Since there are no single "big"
pipes stepping up to the plate, it seems to me that something similar
can be synthesized from a large number of small pipes, and that this
may in fact be a superior solution.  Reply to misc@, if you're from
one of the "Forgotten Lands" I won't see it for the obvious reason.
It'll take me a little while to figure out the best way to set this
up in any event, so it's not going to be instant (give me a week or
so to get my shit together and my code worked out).

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