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Re: tar(1) problem with long file names.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 02:07:16PM -0500, eric wrote:
> It seems that tar(1) is only able to archive filenames of 100 characters or
> less. However, ufs can handle (I've been testing using touch(1)) filenames
> up to 255 characters. I tried to modify the following in src/bin/pax/tar.h
> #define TNMSZ           100             /* size of name field */
> to
> #define TNMSZ           255             /* size of name field */
> But it didn't seem to work.
> Has anyone bumped into this and made a more reliable fix? 
> The issue is that with NFS mounts of directories such as iTunes music
> directories, there's often longer file names than 100 characters. So doing
> backups or transporting the files is slightly difficult.

GNU tar uses a variety of ugly hacks to get around the 100 (original
tar) or 255 (ustar) character limit in file and path names.
Unfortunatly, only gnu tar can correctly extract such archives.  If
you're willing to live with that restriction, it's in ports.  Have
fun. :-)

			-- JF