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Re: Very high interrupts on a supermicro machine.

* dormando <dormando_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> [2005-10-21 01:08]:
> Did you make any other configuration changes?
> Right now my box is doing ~28,000pps per direction per interface (out
> public, in public, out internal, in internal), totalling around
> 112kpps. It doesn't seem to want to go any higher than that. I've just
> tried moving the internal connection off of the dualport PCI-X card
> and onto the internal nic, and it hasn't made a difference. I'd be a
> little confused if two syskonnect cards would have double the
> performance of what I have in the machine right now...

at these packet rates I am not surprised by sk(4) performing more than 
twice as good as others.

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